WE ARE PROUD to be a locally owned & owner operated boutique fitness studio. BOX 219 GYM is a unique 1-2 punch (pun intended) of group fitness classes and custom airbrush spray tanning. We offer boxing (BOX) & high-intensity interval training (BURN) classes for all levels and abilities. Our GLOWOUT NWI airbrush spray tans are truly custom. They are applied by an artist, not a machine. Our tans only need to be worn 2-3 hours before rinse, and will elevate your glow for any and every occasion!

OUR MISSION is to create an experience that you: (A) can’t wait to get to (B) feel better when you walk out than you do when you walk in, and most importantly (C) can’t wait to come back to! To us it’s that simple. If you are not GLOWING (figuratively and literally), excited, having fun, being challenged, learning, and achieving your goals... you are not going to come back. Our success is not dependent on your arrival, but on your return. We have worked tirelessly to build you the staff, coaches, equipment, music, lighting, and technology to deliver on this mission. As owner-operators, we will continue to work as such to lead by example and be there with you every step of the way.


What we do


50 minutes to THROWDOWN on our 120 lb. heavy bags! You will learn real boxing technique while burning real calories, and keeping it real with body weight intervals in between rounds. No boxing experience needed to join the fight!

Burn Class

50 minutes of heart pumping FIRE! In this high-intensity interval training, you will GO ROGUE through varying time-based intervals while getting jacked! All fitness and experience levels welcome!

Hyper Class

TIME TO GET HYPE AND PUSH YOURSELF!! 90 minutes of music-inspired MADNESS! Everything we do in one class with the volume turned all the way up! Come experience a light show to remember while  you BOX AND BURN!


GET YOUR GLOW ON! Coming soon is our custom airbrush spray tans.